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  • Claims Evaluation and Estimating

  • Custom Repair, Refinishing and Restoration

  • Custom Glass Replacement

  • ​Acrylic Repairs and Fabrication

  • ​Upholstery Work

  • Various Metals Repair

  • ​Gold and Metals Leaf

  • ​Granite and Marble Repair

  • Everything In Between


Image Restoration Services has been handling Insurance Claims for the Moving Van Line Companies since 1967. That means people who have damaged items from transporting their goods from one city to another, via a licensed carrier such as a Moving Company, file a claim for the those items. This is where we come in. We evaluate the damage, who was at fault, what the value is and recommend replacement. restoration or restitution. When it comes to the restoration, we co-ordinate the work bringing your precious objects back to their wonderous beauty.

An Individual's posessions holds a certain value and meaning to them. Our job is to look at the value of each and every item with an independently objective view. We will preserve the beauty with restoration while protecting the financial interests of all parties involved with the Insurance Claim process.

What We Do


If the damaged item has the proper insurance coverage and the object itself justifies the expense of restoration, then Image Restoration Services will provide you with the the best results, giving extreme attention to detail in everything we touch.

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